Interview skills

How to crack interview
Face-to-face interaction with two entities for purpose to find perfect candidate for fulfillment of organization goal, in easy way we can define as a when two different people meet for the same purpose that is fulfillment of organizational goal in that process one person is taking interview he is call interviewer and second is call interviewee, in this process Interviewer ask question related to job work and interviewee liable to give answer of that questions, that process call interview process, Interviewer always want employee should be perfect for job role he does not want liabilities for his organization because if the purpose of organization must be fulfilled if not, then there is no interview process so for cracking interview, there are No. Of tips which every candidate must follow :

Start from Basic research ; As an employer Interviewer always should want to assess your Passion for the job, how much one should curies about to get the job, it is important to have some basic research about the organization in which candidate go for the interview candidate must have knowledge about organization and its work culture, and he must have knowledge about job description which is provided by the organization if you do some basic research about the organization you can find yourself friendly with organization, and you can make yourself comfortable before interviewer and also interviewer want candidate must have aware with the organization and its culture.

Keep effective resume and others document well organized ; your resume is Mirror image of your personality and its shows your experience and expertise and your documents are your assets so keep it in well-organized manner, manage all thing then interviewer can assess easily. As you manage proper document and perfect resume format it shows your sincerity towards your job responsibility and every organization want sincere employees.

Punctuality ; one must have punctual in his work if you get a call and given time at 10 O’clock one must be reached before 10 O’clock your punctual nature shows your responsibility towards work, and also it Is attribute for you because if you are punctual then interviewer found yourself responsible person, and it will increase your chance to select.

Dressing sense ; there is a saying first impression is the last impression, it means before going to interview one must have well-dressed and dress up should be formal your shoes/footwear must be well cleaned your dressing sense shows your lifestyle and also shows your culture and how sensible you are.

Soft skills and Body language ; soft skills reflect a lot about your personality, that how you are carried yourself your behavior your style of sitting, your style of talking and walking while interview your gesture and posture shows your personality.

Don’t involve any twiddle activity; while giving interview and while waiting time do not involve yourself in any twiddling activity like watching here and there taping your pen again and again moving your legs feel uneasy its shows your Lack of confidence .you must act with confidence it’s your important task.

Firm handshake ; If interviewer initiates a handshake you make sure you have a firm grip, which indicate good confidence.

Body posture ; you must sit with straight and don’t rest your hands on the table, your hands must be movie according to your sentence it makes gentle posture.

Listen well ; one must have good listening quality, listen carefully what interviewer has to ask, you must take your time and then give suitable answer.

Pitch and expression ; Make yourself keep and calm while interview weather situation is hard, and you are disagreed with the point your volume must be low, it will help you to convey your point batter.

Don’t make uneasy face you must have smile in your face ; An smile face can make anything possible so always keep smile in your face.

Your skills and job understanding
Both are important for cracking an interview.

Learn English grammar

Every sentence has of two parts
A. In the first part we use any name of some person or thing.
B. In the second part, something is saying about that person or thing.
The first part is calling the subject and the second part is calling the Predicate.
Examples ;
The moon
The earth
The city
The school
These all are indicated subject.
Belongs to me
Sang at the party
These all are indicated predicate
The earth is round (the earth indicate subject and is round indicate predicate)
The rules belongs to me (the rules indicate subject and belongs to me indicate predicate)
Greta sang at the party (Geeta indicate subject and sang at the party indicate predicate)
Ram ran(ram indicate subject and ran indicate predicate)
My dog is hungry (My dog indicate subject and is hungry to indicate predicate)
Without subject and predicate no one can form sentences.
Order of subject and predicted ;
A. most of the time, subject usually comes first. Occasionally, however, the subject is to put after the predicate to make the sentence vehement.

Examples ;
Sweet is the use of adversity.( The use of adversity is sweet)
The blue cares belongs to my brother.( my brother has blue car)
Your shoes are here(here are your shoes)
There was a small creek near the farm(near the farm there was a small creek.)
B. In an interrogative sentence, the subject often comes after the predicate.
Should Meena and Aman be taking now or sitting quietly?
Meena and A man should be talking now or sitting quietly.
It’s much easier to know that” Meena and Aman” is The compound subject. And should be talking now or sitting quietly” is the compound predicate.
How do you determine subject and predicate in questions?
“You do determine subject and predicate in questions, how.”
Here the subject is “you” and the verb is” to determine”, the predicate is the verb +the words that follow which are related to that verb.
The word “how” is an adverb that modifies the verb at the beginning or the end of the sentences.
C. In Imperative sentences, the subject is generally lost.
Go to hell (you /go to hell)
Help me (you / help me please)
D. In Exclamatory sentences, the subject is occasionally placed after the predicate.
What a nice person he is. (he / is a delightful person).
The subject may consist of one words or several words .the predicate may also consist of one word or several words, thus in sentence 1 vouchsafe, the subject and the predicate each consist of one word, but in sentence 2 each consist of several words.
Example ;
1/ went
A black man wearing a red coat with brown cap/materialized before me on the center side of the mall.

Learn English

The sentence ;
We all need words to express which is in our mind so that others may understand. But there are ample of words .and when we put these words in a certain order so that they may have means a group of words is called a sentence.
Types of sentence;
There are four kinds of sentences.

ASSERTIVE SENTENCES; Sentence which simply frame or deny something are called Assertive or declarative sentences.
Example ; Mohan goes to Market (Simple sentence)
Mohan does not go to Market (Negative sentence)
Ram reads a book (simple sentence)
Ram does not read a book (Negative sentence)
Geeta knows me well (simple sentence)
Geeta does not know me (Negative sentence)
I go to class (simple sentence)
I do not go to class (Negative sentence)

IMPERATIVE SENTENCES ; Sentence which contain some request, command, advice, or prohibition are called Imperative sentences
Example ;
Come to my cabin.
Go to the market and buy vegetables.
Get lost.
Go to hell.
Please make a silence.

INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES ; Sentences which ask questions are called Interrogative sentences.
Example ; what is your aim?
Who am I?
Why are you coming late?
What is going on?
Why are you late?
Does these sentence state anything?

EXCLAMATORY SENTENCES ; Sentence which express some strong or sudden feelings are called exclamatory sentences.
Example ; wow! What a weather today
Awesome feeling!
So sad. He got an accident.
Note ; When writing sentences, Every sentence begins with a capital letter.

SWOT Assessment

SWOT Analysis
It is a strategic planning and strategic management technique which is help us find out organizational strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. An individual can Also make his SWOT Analysis its Just like self assessment, SWOT Analysis usage does to know the business planning process its also called situation assessment and situation analysis,
To knowing company capabilities organization should do SWOT Analysis by the help of SWOT analysis company make a successful strategy for the future purpose.
By the help of Swot, organization can Also reveal areas of the business that are holding its bake. And also protect themselves from the competitors.
Step involve in SWOT
Fine out strengths;
First to find out what do you do well?
What unique resources can you find out?
What do you others see as your strengths?
Strengths are organization does particularly in a well way, or in a way that pic out you from your competitors, strengths are advantages for organization, and also gives motivation to staff, it will enhance capabilities of find out better way to do rather others, increase value of organization, find out better way to running an organizational within a low cost, find out unique resources for running organization, these all are added in strength portion.

Weakness; find out what could you improve?
How much do you have fewer resources than others?
Find out what others likely to see as weakness?
As strengths are inherent feature of organization also weakness Is, to focus on people, resources, system, and procedure, help us find out weakness and after find out weakness one should focus about what you could improve, to find out how other people in your market see you, do they notice your weakness which you tend to be built, find out how and why your competitors are doing better than you? What are you lacking?
Analysis will only be meaningful when you collect all the information you need.

Opportunities; find out what opportunities are open to you?
What trends could you take advantage?
How can you use your strengths for opportunities?
Opportunities are chance for getting something positive, you always look over towards arising situation from outside your organization, and prepare for the future what may happen, you’re always ready to avail opportunity whatsoever you prepare for, always think about good opportunities and make sure you must avail it, you’re always aware for interesting market trends.

Threats; find out what threats could harm you?
What kind of threats do your weakness expose?
Threats about competitor process of doing so, a thing.
Treats involved anything that can affect your organization from the outside or also inherent, like shortage of recruits, shifts in market requirements, fear of policy’s change, it is easy to find out treats and to act against them before you harm from it,
think first about the obstacles you face in your organization and after recognize all the treats you must take step to solve it, always take as challenge and make it easy.
SWOT Analysis enables you to know your organization’s strengths,weakness, opportunities and threats.

Confidence building

Confidence building
What is confidence : to be positive while doing something is a confidence, and not to worrying about what you cannot do, confidence is skill which can make you special and increase your capabilities, it will fetch out your Natural Talent and potential.
Confidence can be a crucial masseur to success in your personal and professional life.confidence allows you to get new challenges, make you perfect in difficult take you be you and your appraised limits. make you capable of doing things which you have never done before and with help of confidence you can use your natural talent and capabilities. Confidence gives you courage to fight with consequences of failure. An Individual with confidence has focus eon what he can do, and with the confidence positive outcomes he will achieve, apart from worrying about what he can’t do, and what might go wrong. Confidence provides the strength to intercept these challenges.
Self Assessment : How confident you are
To make self assessment to find out your current state of confidence,
There are 10 statements which help you to know about your confidence stage :

  1. I am agitated of saying no to others in case they distaste me.
  2. I am unable to speak no, Whatever the topic, I agree while I know I don’t agree.
  3. Likewise, I don’t give permission and freedom to myself to get things wrong and make mistake
  4. I don’t forgive myself for the mistakes I make.
  5. Often I think about myself, ‘I am not capable enough’
  6. I feel sifts with culpability when I am tempted to do things that I Want to do.
  7. I am terrified of the idea of getting success.
  8. I was unable to take clear-cut decisions, having trouble while taking decisions.
  9. I always compare myself with others, and fund myself unfavorable.
  10. Furthermore, I frequently to negative on myself.
    Encourage yourself: always encourage yourself when you achieve anything appreciate yourself, when you learn new thing always use for ones start your day with learn new things, when you have finished your day’s remind yourself of the whole day what you did which thing stopped you and which thing encourage you make a routine and follow the self assessment practice make you more confident in your day-to-day life.
    Develop your willpower for building your confidence to increasing willpower is a best practice, your positive attitude help you to make strong willpower.

Soft skills for IT

Soft skill which is important for IT students

You might think you can not get job for IT because you do not have the technical skills, the main source to get success in IT are excitement and willingness to learn, to learn technical skills you need to thought how to get learn it but without the right soft skills, you may not get the top position in tech.

Soft skills are qualities that shows your personality. Often skill can’t be taught or are a bit difficult to teach because skills depends on individual personality and behavior and to change one behavior is a tough task, soft skills are vital to interpersonal success, and also get success in workplace, you may be marveled what kind of skill you may know to get job or in a workplace, in any field skills required which are, communication skill, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, capabilities & analytical skills, conflict management skill, negotiable skill and many more .for IT field both the skills are crucial for making career,
There are no. Of hard skills which is required to get job in IT field, like
Desktop support skill
Technical support skill
Networking skill
Hardware support skill
System Administration
Social Media marketing skill
Digital Marketing skill
Search Engine optimization skill
Content Marketing skill and many more
Technical skills can be easier to learn .but except these IT skill someone needed to have knowledge about soft skill also without soft skill you cannot perform well in organization and for batter career everyone should learn soft skills
There are no. Of soft skills for IT professional! Communication : As Its Aspirant, you all are need to be able to communicate well with your supervisor and colleagues to help them to solve their technical issues and batter make use of the power of their technical tools. As a developer or in IT security work, one will need to work well on group and communicate your ideas well with colleagues. Nearly every IT job requires batter communication skills, both verbal and written, in written communication E-mail communication is an essential part of the job. Communication is essential part to create your career in IT field.

! Organization skill : To make organized makes you more efficient and productive at work. When you make things organize, its giving you opportunity to jump around to several projects and tasks. Multitasking can be an important skill for IT Aspirant but only when one can properly manage oneself, to make your daily task in well organize manner it is essential and must have aware about responsibilities efficiently. If one has familiar with organizing and time management, your career groom easily.

! Analytical Abilities : To find out logical solutions to problems frequently, gives you a major edge in IT. Diagnose technological issues and fix them is Analytical abilities, it will increase your presence before employer and Organization if you have Analytical skill you can find issue before its Aries.

! Creativity : For all It jobs creativity may not relevant, but it is a useful skill to know because having a creative mind and aspirant can make new technology and new thing for organizations like mark Zuckerberg create Facebook, Bill Gates create Microsoft they are leaders with creative mind-set make words proud creative skill can create history.

! Perseverance : To face challenges and capacity to complete difficult task with the passion you could go for in a technology job .if you don’t give up easily, than the skill makes you apple of eyes.Each of the jobs also require a commitment, and we know technology tools are constantly change, then you have capacity to persevere as new technology and new challenges are pitched in your way.

Interest in Helping others skill

Curiosity skill

Resourcefulness skill

Problem-solving skill

Project Management skill
These all soft skill are essential to make career in IT field.

Resume writing skill

Resume writing
As all of we know for starting our career we all are need to make our resume, and resume is first information about an individual for starting his career and an effective resume will help someone to get his dream job.
There are some points which shows the value of resume
Purpose of resume :
To sell yourself
Summarize your academic and work history
Showcase your skills and qualities
To generate curiosity
Become a Ground for a question.

Important point of effective resume:
Career summary
Personal details
Key -skill
Training & certifications
Extracurricular and achievement
Additional Interest (optional)

Step-by-Step process :
Start from Name
E-mail ID
Contact information

Profile summary/career objective (it must be written in 2 or 3 line not more.)
Example : seeking a challenging position in reputed organization where I can learn new skill, expand my knowledge, and leverage my learning.
Seeking a position in a company where I can launch my career and build a valuable skill.
A highly motivated and hardworking individual looking for a responsible role in a reputed organization.

List Education details
List achievements, academic , award,certification.
List projects, training & certification, paper published.
List of skill and qualities.
Your resume must be match with applying job category refer job description and write your skill according to JD
Mention all skill which you possess when you’re meeting the JD criteria.
Do not write descriptive sentences
do not go overboard
don’t write similar skill together.

Write extremely brief
write relevant to industry/Domine/JD
Write incorporate “keywords”
Mention only genuinely relevant skills.
Example of key skill:
Languages: C, C++, Core Java, Adv Java, C#, ASP Net
Database, MS SQL, Oracle, Operating System.
Other : MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access.
There are many more key skills these all are hard skill you also mention soft skills like
Communication skill
Leadership skill
Interpersonal skill
Empathy skill
Conflict management skill
Any many more.
An active resume can make you career build.

Personality grooming

I am writing this article for those students who feel shy or hesitate while speaking, in our country knowing English means to have knowledge about everything if anyone can speak English he does treat like a VIP person and who do not speak every one going to ignore him or her, but it’s not right thing because English is just a language not a symbol of status, it’s a one kind of skill like personality development, and any kind of skill, as you learn any subject or language, easily you can learn English language, why do you make it tough?, it’s just a medium to get understand things between two different people who belong to different language culture, why we compare it with personality. Personality is a different thing for grooming your skills you need to enhance your personality your way of communication, your way of speaking, your way of writing everything will groom, increasing knowledge is also part of personality for grooming personality there are 10 ways.
Make eye contact!

Lean forward

Stand up straight

Keep your chin up

Don’t fidget

Avoids your pockets

Show your movements

Take large steps

Watch your hands

Give a firm handshake

For grooming your personality you need to work on it it’s not necessary you know English or not first increase your confidence English will learn easily, do not make it burden take it is in easy way you will never be fail, try to make your career where you want not others want, it must be your choice not anyone else, start grooming your personality, definitely will get success.

Importance of soft skills

Skills are important measure for every individual, where hard skills are important at workplace, although soft skills are equally important, while hard skills are related to technical knowledge and essential for career growth, and soft skills are personality traits that can help to make relationship and solve workplace conflicts, also soft skills are useful to showcase the abilities towards work and built healthy relationship with company and other members, because of these reasons today every corporate requires candidate to possess tremendous soft skills. In easy way, soft skill define as an ability to do work in hard environment with soft nature and communication.
This article shows you number of reasons why soft skills are significant and how they can strengthen your job work application
Important soft skills :
Generally employers find candidate with determine soft skill, so it is a batter to be shown and highlight your skills in job application, soft skills are habit and traits that shows your capabilities towards your work and your work relation with others, these skills are helpful to succeed in the workplace and in your job role too.

Measure your capabilities towards teamwork : when you join any organization it means you join a group of people and there to many employees all are having different skills here every employer seeks employee who has having capabilities to handle group and team and also done his work with in time, they want an employee to do work with his co-member with an efficient way, to understand colleagues feelings and work with dynamic manner, one should measure his teamwork and communication skill. To prove that you are team player and having knowledge about group behavior, you must include skill like, active listening, adaptability and flexibility.
Workplace productivity: every employer want productive employees, one should improve his workplace productivity by implying Time management technics, communication technics, team management technics, emotional intelligence, conflict management technics, these skills help to improve your
workplace productivity.

Double your confidence: having knowledge about these soft skills can increase your self-confidence and your work capabilities, you can easily manage your team and organization. And employer seeks skilled employee for his organizations.

Professional relationship : If you have a good communication skill it will build your professional relationship with your, teammates, business partners, stakeholders, will help you to get positive impact towards others.

Negotiate conflict resolution : An individual should possess negotiation and conflict management skill under pressure and conflict situations, one should know how to handle critical situations.

Flexibility :One should have flexibility skill in his nature according to working environment he could manage and work with zeal and enthusiasm.

Decision-making skill : one should have proper mantel state and capable to take effective decision, also in tough situations, he must have result oriented and assess all relevant information and also having ability to put things into perspective.

Problem-solving skill :By the help of all relevant research with focus mind set, one should have able to solve problems.

Soft skills

Soft skill
What is soft skill, in simple way soft skill define as an improving individual’s characteristics, like communication, decision-making, abilities, mind power, body language
Soft skills are play important role in individual life.
There are questions, what are some platforms to learn soft skills to Employees?
All individuals have different mind sets and today’s world working environment has been totally changed each of the individuals have bundle of skills, but they don’t know how to use it, here I am revealing some basics which we can use for soft skills
¶ Evolving learning mind set
¶ Motivate for self reflection
¶ Increase knowledge and understanding
¶ To take advantage of powerful learning management system (LMS)software
¶ Make an environmental opportunity for practice
start asking feedback often.
Soft skills which are in the use in workplace:
Emotional intelligence
Team management
Time management
Conflict Resolution management
Motivating others
Business language learning
These are some basic skills which all individual need to learn because without those soft skills no one can perform well in organizations. All are essential skills.

Career guidance

Confusion in career it’s a big problem, why student face confusion to choose career, lack of guidance, dependency on others’ advice, parents and society pressure, we are living in that kind society where everything start from No, it means if we’re going to choose anything even it is first toy the replay was always be No, it is irony for us that our society be never change, although time is running and everything is change, but The word No is not change, our career is our first ‘responsibility’ because without it, we cannot survive, so career choice is crucial tor everyone, some important tips for career guidance

Set Goals : first step towards career to set a goal, if you don’t know where you are going you will not reach any destination, for example think you are in railway counter, and you are asking about ticket, and you don’t know where you want to go then you can’t get tickets without knowing destination, and you be never reach any destination likewise you need to know first about your carer choice and set a goal to covered.

Self Assessment:
In career choice your second step is to know your choice, capability, and your expertise after setting goal, you must assess yourself that you are capable to achieve or not and if not, then ask why, and find out reason and start. self assessment is essential part of your life goal by self assessment you will know about your capabilities.

Research process :
After finding your capabilities, start research about your career choice from where you will start ?, how will you start? What kind of process you need to start?ask this equation from yourself, and start research.

Find suitable mentor :
We all know famous saying there is no knowledge without teacher, so next step towards your career find out consultant who gives you proper guidance to achieve your goal, he will suggest you steps to reach destination.

Grow your skill and knowledge :
Most important part which is essential for career, and it’s growth work on your skills and knowledge because in every field hard work is important but your skill and knowledge are more important.
We are here for delivering career guidance and skill training, hope you enjoyed article related to career guidance.

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